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Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications
by Thomas W. Judson
2017 edition; hardcover; 434 pages
ISBN 978-1944325-05-3; $25.99
Purchase; download.
Linear Algebra
by Jim Hefferon
3rd edition (2017); paperback; 508 pages
ISBN 978-1944325-03-9; $21.95
Purchase; download.
Active Calculus
by Boelkins, Austin, and Schlicker
2016 edition; paperback; 550 pages
ISBN 978-1944325-00-8; $20.95
Purchase; download.
Introduction to Modern Set Theory
by Judith Roitman
3rd edition; paperback; 220 pages
ISBN 978-0-9898975-1-8; $12.99
Purchase; download.
A First Course in Complex Analysis
by Beck, Marchesi, Pixton, and Sabalka
Edition 1.53; paperback; 216 pages
ISBN 978-1944325-04-6; $11.95
Purchase; download.
Lecture Notes in Functional Analysis
by William L. Paschke
in production.
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