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Orthogonal Publishing was formed in 2012 as a low-profit limited liability company (L3C). Our primary mission is to support free and open-source mathematics textbooks, in part by publishing low-cost but high-quality print editions. We are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Our Books

Linear Algebra

by Jim Hefferon

4th Edition

526 pages

ISBN 978-1944325114 (paperback)

Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications

by Thomas Judson

2022 Edition

438 pages

ISBN 978-1944325169 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1944325176 (hardcover)

A First Course in Complex Analysis

by Beck, Marchesi, Pixton, and Sabalka

Edition 1.54

214 pages

ISBN 978-1944325084 (paperback)

Introduction to Modern Set Theory

by Judith Roitman

3rd Edition

220 pages

ISBN 978-0989897518 (paperback)

Lecture Notes in Functional Analysis

by William Paschke

Edition 0.9


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